I highly recommend this daycare! My daughter has so much fun and the staff are wonderful!

Mariel May


When thinking about putting LO in child care I did my research (was impressed) visited (very impressed) my son is now in Lexie's and I'm over the moon with happiness. Such a great nature based child care program, and the staff are amazing!

Nikki Summers


We are so happy to be part of the Little Bears "family". Seeing my daughters face at pickup and listening to all her wonderful stories on our drive home is my very favourite part of the day!!

Kristyn Fuzi


The girls in the Cub House have been so fantastic throughout our little guy's transition into the daycare world. It's a great feeling to be able to go to work, do your job, and know that your child is being (very) well cared for.

Michelle Nicolson


All of the teachers have been incredible to our son, they are so loving and caring and i always feel confident dropping him off in the mornings. I love that he is able to spend most of the day outdoors, as the highlands offers so much to be explored! I recommend Lexie's to everyone!

Rachel Freeman

October 2015

Our family wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the exceptional care that all of the amazing staff at Lexie’s Little Bears has provided over the last year and a half. You have enriched Mayla’s life giving her such a positive and thriving environment to grow and develop in. We truly appreciate you caring for Mayla the way you have and will miss these special times she has shared with all her little bear friends! Our family will continue to recommend your extraordinary daycare.

The Binley’s

Hi Lexie,

Well we are half way across the county now and I thought it was a good time to write this. Elizabeth just mentioned that she missed her Little Bears friends and teachers and Andrew often asks where his friends are from the Cub House.

Again I want to thank you and your absolutely angelic staff for giving our children a safe, beautiful, adventurous and loving place to spend their days. As a military family we move a lot and in their short lives they have already experienced a few different daycare settings all over the county. Lexie’s Little Bears is by far our favourite and believe us when we say there is no other place quite like it. It’s truly a special place not only in surroundings but in the exceptional staff of care givers and teachers that are apart of your team. It will be what we miss the most about Victoria.

Thank you again for the care, attention and opportunity to learn naturally that you have given my children. We wish you all the luck in the world as you move forward making Little Bears and even more magical place to grow up.

Brenda and Scott

Since the moment I inquired about your daycare I have nothing but positive words about you and your team! You replied so fast and also so thoughtful and caring. Thank you for your ward words when we were complete strangers.

Now, 9 months later both my children love spending their time with their friends and teachers. E is so mature and self confident and W , after only two weeks, enjoys himself so much! He needed that- and he is only 20 months!

You truly have created something special! Keep on going!


October 2015

Dear Lexie, Miranda, Meredith, Vanessa and Maggie…

As I sit here at my desk on my second Monday back to work, Trevor calls to tell me, yet again, that Isla and Michael were thrilled to be at Little Bears and it was a flawless drop off. I can”t begin to tell you how thankful I am for you and all the ladies in the ”cub house” for making my transition back to work SO MUCH easier than I anticipated.

Throughout my entire maternity leave I was dreading going back to work. Not because I hated my job (quite the opposite, actually!) but because I was not looking forward to transitioning my babes to daycare and being without me for the majority of the week. You and your amazingly talented, professional and brilliant staff made this potentially awful, heart-wrenching experience a breeze. There are no words, no gifts, no cards of thanks that describe how thankful we are.

People are amazed how relaxed I am at work and comment how I am not at my desk weeping with boxes of Kleenex”s piled high. I tell them all I have the most incredible daycare that I credit everything to. You”re getting a lot of referrals from me!!

Your centre and its philosophy”s are a beautiful ray of sunshine in a cloud of awful, gloomy, basement suite type centres. Little Bears should be a huge inspiration to the quality of care that is available for Victoria Mom”s.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. A million times over.

Emily, Trevor, Isla and Michael J

Dear Lexie,

I am writing to acknowledge the outstanding care you, D and M provide to the children at Puddles and Paints Nature daycare. Ever since our son “M” started with Puddles and Paints, each of you have gone out of your way to make him feel comfortable and stable within the daycare. What impressed me the most was the openness and wiliness to learn what motivates “M” and to discuss his developments on a regular basis. This is not easy, as there are other children within the daycare you need to focus on as well. We always felt you had “M” best interest at heart.

We also love the outdoor time and nature walks you do with the children. You ensure the kids are having fun and learning about the outdoors and our wilderness. You also encourage the kids to socialize and interact with each other respectfully and appropriately. These are important life skills that will stick with the children for a lifetime.

You should be proud of your daycare and the professionalism you display as early child care staff. You are consistently respectful, open and devoted to each child”s development. I am sincerely thankful for all that you and your staff have done in supporting “M” s development.”


Liz M

Both my daughters have gone through Puddles and Paints Playschool and we found Lexie and her staff to be so professional in every way. Not only did both girls have an amazing/safe/educational time at the playschool, but we also made lifelong friends (my eldest daughter can”t wait to babysit Lexie”s new baby!)… I would trust Lexie and any of her staff with the two most precious people in my life and day, all day!

Katrina Parsons

My daughter “T” went to Puddles and Paints years ago as my daughter is now in grade 11. We still talk about her time at Puddles and Paints when we look at all the pictures we have as Lexie always made sure that I”d had pictures of “T” and what she was doing so I felt like I wasn”t missing a thing.

Her daycare is safe, happy and inviting environment. I always recommend Lexie when I hear of people looking for an amazing place for kids to play learn and feel loved when mom and dad can”t be home with them.

“T” wouldn”t be the great girl she is now without having the role model of Lexie in her life for all those years …… that I am certain of!

Shannon Caine

Lexie Biegun has periodically looked after my 3 children over the past 10 years both at Puddles and Paints, as well as Lexie”s Little Bears. Lexie has nothing but the best interests for the children in her care and the environment she presents is enriching to their development and beneficial to their well being. It is a great feeling as a parent to be able to go to work each day and leave your child with someone you can trust to take the very best care of your child! I cannot say with enough emphasis how highly I would recommend any childcare facility that Lexie is a part of!

Karla Jervis

Lexie assumed the early childhood care of my daughter “H” from 12 months of age to 28 months. (When we sadly moved from Victoria for work)

Lexie provided exceptional care to my daughter “H” while she attended Lexie”s Little Bears child Care Inc. Her personal and professional qualities, such as authenticity and commitment are the key aspects of the professional childcare that Lexie provides. Hugs, genuine interest, kind words and gentle direction are so important to all parents. Lexie did not disappoint us in any regard, she went above and beyond to ensure my daughter”s individuality was respected and nurtured.

Lexie also provided a safe environment for my daughter to grow and learn. When “H” was 12 months old, there was a concern that she may have an anaphylactic allergy to peanuts. Lexie immediately developed an emergency care plan for the possibility of exposure. She educated her staff and other parents about the seriousness of peanut allergies. She was also very realistic with our family and communicated that no environment can become entirely “peanut free”.

While our family benefited tremendously from Lexie”s personal and professional qualities and her attention to child safety: it was the high standard of education that puts her in a different class than other childcare providers. No expense was spared when it came to age-appropriate learning games, tools and toys. It was completely apparent that many additional hours, outside of an ordinary work week, went into felt board stories, seasonal art projects, holiday displays and researching the best developmental learning activities.

There is clearly a desire to meet her continuing competencies of her profession, as several times a year Lexie was involved in on-going educational opportunities. We also noticed that “H” was provided with a variety of activities that build upon a foundation of values that agrees with our family. “H” enjoyed many hours growing vegetables, respecting nature on daily walks through the forest, learning to be a contributing member of her community and was exposed to the idea that we are a global community that helps one another. These are large and complex issues, but Lexie did not hesitate to make our children aware of them at a level that was understandable to them.

Thank you Lexie!


Amber and Ryan Turner

Lexie”s Little Bears is a first rate childcare centre. Our daughter attended Little Bears for one year beginning just after her first birthday and ending August 2012.

Committing to put our daughter “Z” in care at Little Bears was a big deal for us. We live in Oak Bay, a 40 minute drive each way to and from Little bears, and my wife works at her dental practise in Fairfield, which is nearly as far. I was working from a home office, and had to rent an office space in Langford in order to make the daily commute tolerable. For a year I spent at least 90 minutes every working day in my care, and paid rent on an office space, just so our daughter could benefit from the wonderful care we knew that she would get at Little Bears. We had two other daycare options much closer to home that would have kept me from having to rent an office space, but based on conversations with parents who had children at each of these potential daycares (including Little bears), we were convinced that our daughter would receive far superior care and education at Little Bears.

We loved many things about the centre and education that “Z” received at the Little Bears small centre. First and foremost, both of “Z” primary care providers, “M and L” were warm, caring, professional, competent, intelligent, and highly trustworthy. The programming was also excellent, especially the structured and diverse curriculum that brought a strong focus on such important things as nature, culture, health, and ethics.

We finally left Little Bears when we got a spot with a care provider very close to home whom we felt offered a level of professionalism, caring and education that was comparable to what we were getting with Little Bears.

I”m very happy to be working from home again, saving hundreds of dollars every month on gas and office rent, but we miss Little Bears very much, and were sad to leave.

I highly recommend Little Bears to other parents, and strongly support Lexie”s vision for increased toddler care capacity.

Aaron Hill

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