June Island Parent.

British Columbia honours outstanding child-care providers.

Family Matters: A Safe and Fun Halloween.

Lexie Biegun shares parenting advice.

Lexie Biegun talks about the importance of outdoor play spaces. “Article”

Lexie Biegun talks about the importance of outdoor play. “Interview”



Island Parent Magazine ad *NEW* Infant Toddler Center



Lexie’s Little Bears is featured in “Women in Business Magazine”

Lexie’s Little Bears proud to support “Island Parent Magazine”


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VICTORIA — Little Bears Day Care in Langford provides children with learning fundamentals, and an environment in which they can grow and prosper, says early childhood educator Angela Ireland.

The Highland community proudly supports Lexie’s Little Bears Inc. Photo of Mayor Jane Mendum at our open house/grand opening.

An Uncertain Tale: Alternative Conceptualizations of Pedagogical Leadership

Kim Atkinson and Lexie Biegun

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