What does a Reggio-Inspired Nature Program look like?

Thank you for looking into Lexie’s Little Bears Child Care. My name is Lexie Biegun and I am the Owner and Pedagogist of this Reggio Inspired, nature program.


I am incredibly inspired by nature in my everyday world and intertwining the beauty of the Reggio philosophy has allowed me to develop a truly unique West Coast pedagogy of my own. Using the land and the forest as the third teacher, we incorporate many of the (philosophy’s) practiced by educators around the world such as the Waldorf, Montessori, Reggio-Emilia and forest school teachings. In my humble opinion, none of the philosophies offer a “perfect” pedagogy, so we take the best parts from each of them to create a super-powered collaboration of practice unique to the land we stand on. As we work towards reconciliation it is also very important to remember the First peoples who once lived on this land long before us and to honor their teachings through song, dance and language. 


We currently have 4 programs on our 4 —acre campus including two infant/toddler buildings, a multi-age centre, and a pre-school age program. Ideally, we will be building more infant/toddler and pre-school spaces on the property soon.


The Bear House: Offers a beautifully handmade building to 25 children ages 30 months to Kindergarten. This large “home-like” facility has multiple rooms that peek into each other through large windows purposely placed between rooms. The huge cubby space was designed and crafted using the trees from our property, as well as all the tables, shelving and the Atelier (art studio) The Bear House also has a large outside covered deck or (outside Atelier) where children can bring the arts outdoors even when it’s raining…

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ELIZABETH MAY (Lexie's Little Bears Child Care Centre) - Letter of Support


I highly recommend this daycare! My daughter has so much fun and the staff are wonderful!

Mariel May


When thinking about putting LO in child care I did my research (was impressed) visited (very impressed) my son is now in Lexie’s and I’m over the moon with happiness. Such a great nature based child care program, and the staff are amazing!

Nikki Summers


We are so happy to be part of the Little Bears “family”. Seeing my daughters face at pickup and listening to all her wonderful stories on our drive home is my very favourite part of the day!!

Kristyn Fuzi


The girls in the Cub House have been so fantastic throughout our little guy’s transition into the daycare world. It’s a great feeling to be able to go to work, do your job, and know that your child is being (very) well cared for.

Michelle Nicolson


All of the teachers have been incredible to our son, they are so loving and caring and i always feel confident dropping him off in the mornings. I love that he is able to spend most of the day outdoors, as the highlands offers so much to be explored! I recommend Lexie’s to everyone!

Rachel Freeman


We offer four custom, incredible, facilities at Lexie’s Little Bears; The Bear House, The Bear Den, The Cub Housed and The Spirit Bear Lodge.


Our Educators are handpicked by Lexie and they are trained through our own in-house professional development in the Reggio-Emilia Pedagogy.


Children are the foundation of our community and our future. It takes a village to raise a child, and in our case an amazing team of dedicated educators!


*My Reggio-Inspired, Nature Workshops are coming soon! Please stay tuned via our Facebook page and my Instagram pages for details.


*In-house Reggio-inspired consultations and tours may be requested by contacting Lexie Directly. ($150.00 hr.)


*Private tours can also be booked directly through Lexie for Professional Development hours. ($150.00 hr.)


*Workshops off-site can be booked based on a variety of Reggio-Inspired Topics. ($150.00 hr.)


*International speakers/guests can be accommodated on site.


Please contact Lexie to reserve our in-house suite.

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